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Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow, April 6, 2004

complete article:

The old adage that people resemble their pet dogs may really be true, 
suggests a new study by US scientists. Pure-bred dogs can be matched to 
their owners by strangers most of the time. But the same does not hold true 
for mixed breed dogs, say Nicholas Christenfeld and Michael Roy, 
psychologists at the University of California San Diego.

Sara Ward, a spokeswoman for the UK's Kennel Club, says there are "classic 
examples" of people looking like their dog, such as seeing bigger dogs with 
bigger handlers. "And if you are showing an Afghan - often it is quite an 
elegant person running round with them," she told New Scientist. 
Christenfeld has yet to discover what it is that "resonates" between a human 
and their dog. But the researchers note: "It does appear that, as in the 
case of selecting a spouse, people want a creature like themselves."

Journal reference: Psychological Science (May issue, vol 15)

Shaoni Bhattacharya news service

31 March 2004

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