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Mon Apr 5 15:38:29 EDT 2004

FERGUSON TOWNSHIP - It was an Easter gift that kept on giving.

Last year, Gracie Myers' grandmother gave the toddler two rabbits for the
holiday. All was fine

until the bunnies multiplied, well, like bunnies.

"I guess one important thing we learned: Know if they're male or female,"
said Gracie's mother, Jennifer Myers.

Suddenly, the Myers had 15 or so rabbits on their hands. But this story
has a happy ending.
Holiday rabbits also annually arrive at the Potter Township branch of the
Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said
Barbara Ortiz, a kennel attendant.

Because it's hard to find homes for them, she offered some heartfelt
advice: "Just get a rabbit because you want it, not because it's Easter.
If they would do that, we wouldn't have the problem of people bringing in

Steve Neely, owner of Wild Side Pets in State College, sells dwarf rabbits
year-round. Within minutes, he said, he can spot a likely impulse buyer
from someone who has given the matter some thought.

Those hasty purchases, Neely said, usually turn sour.
Initially opposed to selling rabbits around Easter, Wood began stocking
them for a few weeks in response to popular demand. As a compromise, he
tries to teach potential owners as much as possible before sales.

"Because there's the issue of rabbits being turned into shelters, or just
abandoned, or left alone in a cage for the rest of their lives," he said.

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