AR-News: (US TX) Rehabilitated pelican returns to wild

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Sun Apr 4 13:16:08 EDT 2004

The Brownsville Herald

April 4, 2004 — On a recent spring afternoon, the Laguna Skimmer, which 
usually carries tourists and photographers around South Bay in search of dolphins, 
was transporting another passenger — a brown pelican.

George and Scarlet Colley, the boat’s owners, had received a call in January 
from a Cameron County official who had spotted a pelican that couldn’t fly.

Scarlet Colley rescued the bird, fed it some fish and had her son drive it to 
the only licensed wildlife rehabilitator in the Rio Grande Valley, the Gladys 
Porter Zoo. There, Dr. Kimberly Herrin, the zoo’s senior veterinarian, nursed 
it back to health.

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