AR-News: (US IA) Judge: Animal Control officers can be taken to court

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Sat Apr 3 16:16:03 EST 2004

By: Jason Kristufek, Staff WriterApril 03, 2004

A federal judge says two Story County Animal Control officers may be taken to 
court for a decision to seize 23 horses from a rural Maxwell farm nearly 
three years ago. 

      Judge James E. Gritzner ruled recently that a jury can decide if Sue 
McCaskey and Brenda Rogers went beyond the scope of a search warrant when they 
ordered the removal of all the horses from Cyndi McClendon's farm.
      "It is a small victory," McClendon's attorney Victoria Herring said. 
"We stay in court, and now it is rather focused as to what the case is about."
      The case will move into negotiations for a potential settlement between 
McClendon and Story County's insurance provider, according to a court 
document. Trial is still scheduled for June 14.
      Gritzner also removed all liability from the sheriff's office, the 
animal control department, Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald and five deputies.

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