AR-News: China expects record number of baby pandas this year

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    CHENGDU, April 3 (Xinhuanet) -- China expects a record number of baby 
giant pandas to be born this year, as 10 female pandas are now pregnant and 
another 23 are in estrus at two giant panda breeding and research bases in the 
southwestern Sichuan province. 
    Qizhen, a four-and-half-year-old female panda at the Giant Panda Breeding 
and Research Base in the provincial capital Chengdu,was confirmed by 
zoologists Friday to be pregnant, shortly after she found her first ever Mr. Right at 
the base. 
    Qizhen is the 10th female giant panda to become pregnant this year, said 
Zhang Zhihe, director of the Chengdu-based Giant Panda Breeding Technology 

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