AR-News: (US CA) Local Dogs Get Disease People Can Catch

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Local Dogs Get Disease People Can Catch

Posted: March 31, 2004 at 9:51 p.m. 
BAY AREA (BCN) -- Five dogs in Marin County have recently been diagnosed with 
a potentially serious disease that can be transmitted to humans, according to 
Marin County Health Officer Dr. Fred Schwartz. 
Schwartz said the dogs have a bacterial disease called leptospirosis. He said 
it is endemic to many areas in California but it is unusual that five dogs 
were diagnosed with it in a two-week period. 
He said the California Department of Health Services is going to work with 
the county to try to determine the source of the disease. 
"At this point we're mainly interested in learning some more about the five 
canine cases. Where have the dogs been? Where do they get their recreation? 
This can be a serious infection," Schwartz said. 

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