AR-News: [CA]Caretaker urgently needed/small salary offered

Sinikka Crosland tracs at
Tue Mar 30 09:11:17 EST 2004

Please circulate the following message widely.  80-plus animals in Alberta(dogs, horses, cattle) need help!  We can now offer a small monthly salary in addition to accomodation and use of a vehicle.
Caretaker for Big Julie's Rescue Ranch in Ft. Macleod, Alberta.  
$150/month CD for one year, plus free accomodation provided in exchange for feeding, watering, and other animal care duties (dogs, horses, cattle).  Two-bedroom mobile home on property, and use of farm vehicle.  This opportunity would be perfect for a retired person or couple who loves hands-on work with rescued animals and is in reasonably good physical health.  2-3 hour daily commitment.
Please contact Sinikka privately at:  tracs at or phone (250)768-4803.

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