AR-News: (US CA) Woman’s tireless search for missing dog pays off

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Thu Mar 25 21:50:59 EST 2004

Thursday, March 25, 2004
By Peter Crowley/Gilroy Bureau 

James M. Mohs/Photographer
Although Lady Louise was still somewhat shaken while at the veterinarian’s 
office for a checkup following her days on the run, owner Bonnie Bailey is all 
smiles as she is reunited with her pet.
GILROY -- When Bonnie Bailey’s small Shetland sheepdog escaped in the city 
more than a month ago, she feared it had little chance of surviving.

Lady Louise, as the 2-year-old puppy is called, had lived a sheltered life. 
There is a six-foot fence around Bailey’s backyard in Pacific Grove, near 
Monterey, and Bailey said Louise was never let outside those bounds without a leash.

Yet after 33 days of running loose on the suburban fringe and eating out of 
garbage bins, Louise was reunited with Bailey on Tuesday morning. Taking a tip 
from animal shelter workers, Bailey got her dog back using a cage trap baited 
with Lady Louise’s favorite food - liverwurst.

“To me, it’s a miracle,” Bailey said Wednesday. “She didn’t get eaten by a 
coyote or a mountain lion, and she managed to stay alive - and she was 
crossing those big streets all the time.

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