AR-News: (US)Mad cow testing: How much is enough?

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Wed Mar 24 14:41:21 EST 2004

As goes California, it is said, so goes the nation.  In that case, the
meat industry probably isn’t too happy about plans by lawmakers there to
test every bit of beef in the Golden State for mad cow disease.

Not just California cows, but any cattle sold as meat to the state’s 35
million residents -- tens of millions of pounds of beef from across the
West and potentially across the nation.

As chair of the California Senate's agriculture committee, State Sen.
Michael Machado estimates the plan would cost a modest two cents per
quarter-pound hamburger. Given the disease’s fatal nature, he believes the
plan makes us safe -- instead of very sorry.

“The fact that we’ve only been able to discover one cow has not been a
cause for alarm,” says Machado, referring to the single U.S. case of the
disease discovered in Washington state in December. "What can we do in
terms of a greater sense of confidence in that food supply?"

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