AR-News: Alabama has become the site of the largest extinction in United States

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Mon Mar 22 23:19:18 EST 2004

Jim Shepherd
The Outdoor Wire

Until you look closely — very closely — you don't realize what a delicately 
balanced ecosystem we inhabit. Every animal plays a part — and before you 
start thinking I'm off on an eco-rant, relax. Every animal, man included, plays a 
part in the delicate balance of nature. Where natural predators are 
eliminated, there are problems. Where non-native species are introduced, something has 
to give. Either the indigenous flora and fauna adapt, or one will conquer the 
other. As evidence, I submit kudzu and Asian carp. One was imported to stop 
erosion, the other to filter fish ponds. Today, both are out of control and 
threaten the natural balance of any area they invade. 
This conservation crisis in Alabama is a microcosm of what we face across the 

The very closely comment is meant to address the fact that as an Alabamian, I 
am a part of one of the richest areas of the globe for some of the smallest 
of ecologically crucial creatures — mussels and snails. 

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