AR-News: (NZ) Praise for Supermarkets' GE-free chicken

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Monday, 22 March 2004, 10:09 am
Press Release: GE Free NZ 

Praise for Supermarkets' GE-free chicken. 
GE Free NZ in food and environment is welcoming the decision by Progressive 
Enterprise's 'Signature Range' to now source chickens from a supplier with a 
clear GE Free policy . 
The change has occurred in the last two weeks. Signature Range has previously 
sourced its chickens from the Inghams factories that feed their chickens 
Harvey farm mixed grain containing GE corn and soy. Last year Greenpeace testing 
identified that the chicken feed contained up to 85% GE grain. But many 
consumers were left in the dark about this fact because of a gap in labelling 
Animals fed GE grains do not have to be labelled as such, despite research 
showing gene-transfer in the gut of animals that has raised new concerns about 
the impact of GE feed on animal and consumer health. 

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