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Dude, Where's Your Evidence?
Counterpunch, Mickey Z, March 20/21, 2004

Mickey Z. is the author of two upcoming books: "A Gigantic Mistake: Articles 
and Essays for Your Intellectual Self-Defense" (Prime Books) and "Seven 
Deadly Spins: Exposing the Lies Behind War Propaganda" (Common Courage 
Press). He can be reached at: mzx2 at

Michael Moore [ ] makes movies, writes books, 
produces TV shows, and has built-in pacifist radar (hey, he endorsed 
"anti-war" candidate Wes Clark, didn't he?). But that's not the extent of 
his varied skills. Moore is also a:

*Legal expert: "Mumia probably killed that guy."

*Parenting icon: "It's really a bad idea to have sex before you're 
eighteen." "Your children do not have a right to privacy."

*Savvy political guru: "Draft Oprah."

*Naturalist: "Getting back to nature is a dumb idea. Nature doesn't want you 
anywhere near it. That's why nature created cities-to keep you as far away 
as possible!"

*Animal lover: "Animals don't have rights. Yes they should be treated 
'humanely.' Yes, Tyson Foods and all the others that 'harvest' chickens are 
disgusting. But 'freeing' chickens from heir factory farms is idiotic. They 
don't know how to survive in the wild and they're just going to get hit by a 
truck." (Since humans get killed in motor vehicles at the rate of 117 a day 
in America, they must not be so adroit in the "wild," either.)

Besides these impressive credentials, Michael Moore has got it going on when 
it comes to the kitchen.

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