AR-News: (US NC) Keep fur from flying: Choice of second dog key

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Sun Mar 21 01:35:08 EST 2004

By Jane Marshall : APS dog trainer
Mar 20, 2004 : 8:22 pm ET 
CHAPEL HILL -- Adding a second dog to your family can be a fun project for 
all. With a few simple guidelines a good match can be made. 
Before starting the search for your new dog it helps to make an accurate 
assessment of your present dog's personality. With that profile in mind you can 
then search for a compatible companion, remembering that not all dogs like each 
When considering breeds, remember some breeds of dog are more assertive and 
less tolerant of other dogs. Other breeds coexist peacefully in packs. Research 
your breeds and don't put two dogs with attitude together; ensure future calm 
by adding a more easy-going breed. 

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