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"It's Their Destiny"

News items on Asian animal abuse

18th March 2004
South Australia bans dog eating / Cat "culling" in Israel

Dear Friends

Our apologies for the tardiness of the first news item below. We believe
however that it's better to hear good news late rather than not at all. The
following is from SBS News (Australia), 27/2/04.


South Australia's parliament has passed a bill making it illegal to eat cats
and dogs.

The serving of cat and dog in restaurants in the state was already illegal.

But state parliament's upper house has now passed a bill banning the
consumption of the animals anywhere.

Under the legislation, any person caught eating a cat or dog can be fined

The bill was opposed in the lower house by a Greens MP Kris Hanna, who said
the legislation was founded on racism.

Mr Hanna says it plays upon unfounded fears about people from cultures which
have different eating habits.

South Australians have thankfully followed the lead of their countrymen in
Victoria by passing legislation to ban a practise that was never considered
acceptable in our society. We have little sympathy for Mr Hanna's concerns
that the dog eaters are being victimised on racial grounds. An animal abuser
is, quite simply, an animal abuser. He can no more excuse his actions on the
grounds of race or tradition than can a wife-beater or a cannibal - both of
these activities can also claim cultural precedents and histories. Race has
little to do with this issue. Dog and cat eating is a matter of
indoctrination and superstition, not culture.

The second item has nothing to do with Asia, but is an expose of the
treatment of stray cats in Israel. Although at ITD our concentration is
unashamedly focused on the torture and consumption of companion animals, our
colleagues at the Cat Welfare Society of Israel brought this to our
attention and we knew that it would be of concern to the majority of our
members and supporters. Please visit their website at
Those of you using dial-up connections may prefer to see their video in
lower resolution on ITD's site ("More Abusers" from the menu, then

Our continued thanks to all of you for caring.
>From all the team at ITD

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