AR-News: (US IL) State lawmakers consider ban to end horse slaughter

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Thu Mar 18 23:08:42 EST 2004

By Leah Hope
March 18, 2004 — Slaughtering horses to sell meat overseas is considered 
brutal and inhumane to some people. Others say it is an industry that provides 
economic benefits and jobs. Next week lawmakers in Springfield will consider a 
law banning the slaughter of horses in Illinois. At issue-should horses be 
slaughtered in America for meat? 
 ABC7 Video Clip

According to his owner, Lucky the horse was about to be slaughtered. Instead 
he's been leading carriage rides for seven years. 
"When it's time to go, we will not sell a horse like this to a slaughter 
plant," said Dan Sampson, Lucky's owner. 
Sampson and some state lawmakers are trying to gain support for a statewide 
ban on horse slaughtering. 

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