AR-News: Your Help Needed for Study on Parrot Relinquishment

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Your Help Needed for Study on Parrot Relinquishment

Just two weeks left! Data collection ends March 31, 2004

If you have ever given away, surrendered, re-homed, fostered, or adopted 
out a bird in the parrot family (including parakeets, cockatiels, and 
lovebirds), the National Parrot Relinquishment Research Project (NPRRP) 
needs your help. The NPRRP is gathering data to develop a better 
understanding of the scope and causes of captive bird relinquishment. You 
can participate in the Project through an online questionnaire at

Each year, thousands of parrots from parakeets to macaws are sold to 
individuals who later decide that a bird is not compatible in their home or 
with their lifestyle and who relinquish their bird(s) to a shelter, rescue, 
pet shop, zoo, breeding facility, or private individual.

More than 90 self-described bird rescues or sanctuaries currently exist in 
the United States, many of which have come into existence in just the last 
few years. Due to the large number of birds in need, most rescues or 
sanctuaries are unable to accept every bird they are offered. Despite the 
abundance of unwanted birds, pet stores that have policies against the sale 
of dogs and cats continue to sell birds. Some pet store officials cite the 
lack of hard data on the numbers and reasons for bird relinquishment, and 
fail to take responsibility for their role in the fate of unwanted, 
neglected, and abused captive birds.

The goal of the National Parrot Relinquishment Research Project is to 
collect objective data about parrot relinquishment. These data will be 
useful in evaluating the current parrot relinquishment issue, identifying 
causes, and formulating solutions. In addition, PETsMART Inc. has indicated 
that it will use the data provided through the NPRRP survey to revisit its 
policies about the sale of birds in its stores.

The NPRRP is sponsored by PETsMART Charities through a grant to The Gabriel 
Foundation (an avian rescue organization), and is being directed by Dr. 
Cheryl Meehan, who holds a PhD in animal behavior from the University of 
California, Davis. Dr. Meehan is assisted in this project by a small staff 
and an advisory board made up of representatives from the avicultural, 
rescue, and education communities, including the Animal Protection 
Institute (

Once again, if you have ever given up an exotic bird kept as a companion or 
if you have taken in exotic birds from individuals who could no longer care 
for them, please visit the National Parrot Relinquishment Research Project 
website and complete a survey questionnaire at The surveys 
will be available online until March 31, 2004.

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