AR-News: (US FL) Key West Divided Over Chicken Catcher

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Wed Mar 17 13:08:19 EST 2004

By CORALIE CARLSON, Associated Press Writer 
KEY WEST, Fla. - Like Superman emerging from a phone booth, Armando Parra 
steps out from the bathroom of his old-time barbershop transformed into the 
Chicken Catcher, dedicated to ridding this island town of nuisance fowl. 

AP Photo 

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To some, Parra is a hero clearing out the birds that tear up lawns, sneak 
inside houses to perch in Christmas trees and leave a carpet of droppings in 
their wake. To others, he's a villain, snatching beloved roosters and speckled 
hens from neighborhood streets where they delight tourists and residents alike. 
Wearing shorts and a mostly unbuttoned shirt emblazoned with "Key West 
Chicken Catcher," the 63-year-old Parra climbed into his two-tone blue van and 
started another patrol one recent afternoon. 

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