AR-News: (US OR) Duck Found Dead With Dart In Its Neck

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Tue Mar 16 17:03:52 EST 2004 

Neighbor Calls Killing 'Senseless' 

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- A duck was found dead over the weekend with a dart through 
its neck. 
Veterinarians say the animal likely survived for several hours or days with 
the wound before it died. 
Bob Sallinger of the Portland Audubon Society told KOIN 6 News that this is 
not an isolated incident. 
"These are park ducks and they're usually very tame. There's no sport in 
this. They are not hunting them for food -- they're just destroying living 
creatures," he said. 
Neighbors near Waterhouse Park in Beaverton are upset, one man calling the 
animal abuse "senseless." 
The duck may have come from a man-made pond across the street at the 
Claremont Golf Course in the Bethany community. 
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