AR-News: (US DC) How Technology Helped Collar Nellie's Bad Habit

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Sat Mar 13 19:22:39 EST 2004

By Angus Phillips
Sunday, March 14, 2004; Page E17 
Regular readers know I'm not big on technology. Give me the old ways, tried 
and true. But occasionally an innovation is so effective, even an old Luddite 
falls for it. So it is with electronic dog collars. 
Six months ago I was among the pack of dog lovers condemning these gadgets as 
cruel and unusual. Then I got an unruly pup with a problem that wouldn't go 
Nellie, now nine months old, is a full-blooded black Labrador that can jump 
as high as your nose, and will, any chance she gets. Dog folks say it's a 
natural trait, the origins lying in the fact that wolves fed their young in part by 
regurgitating digested food. The wolf pup that got to momma's mouth first got 
the meat. Nowadays, humans take the place of the alpha female in a pup's eye, 
but the instinct lingers. 

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