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We've been inundated with phone calls regarding the litter of puppies rescued 
from a Holland Heights neighborhood, and they will all go to good homes. I'd 
like to take a minute to thank a few folks who have so far gone unmentioned. 
When Macy was first found, she had reverted back to her natural feral (wild) 
instincts, compounded by her strong natural maternal drive. As a result, she 
was very fearful and aggressive. In fact no one could get within three feet of 
her before she reacted aggressively. 
Thankfully, Deb and Jim Scanzillo from Companion School for Dogs came to the 
rescue. Not only the best dog trainers in town, but also the bravest! Deb 
crawled on her stomach into the den, to retrieve the pups one by one. Since no one 
else could even get close to them, had it not been for Deb, I'm not sure we'd 
have been able to help much in the first place. In addition, Deb and Jim have 
offered free grooming and behavioral assessments for Macy. They deserve a big 
round of applause!

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