AR-News: (CA) Cockfight Related Homicide

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Thu Mar 11 06:08:16 EST 2004

Man at cockfight slain

Herald staff report

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office is looking for
anyone who has information about a North County
slaying that apparently sprung from a cockfight on

Ramon Villegas, 45, was brought to Watsonville
Community Hospital with a gunshot wound to his head,
deputies reported. He later died from the wounds. He
was taken to the hospital by a private car after
leaving 244 Hall Road in Watsonville.

The area was an outbuilding on a 5-acre parcel.
Deputies went out to the scene and saw remnants of a
cockfight: a dead rooster and blood in the area.

Deputies have determined that there were 10 to 15
people in the area. Witnesses said that there was an
argument and fight that led to the shooting.

Sheriff's Sgt. Doug Dahmen said that there were no
attendees left after deputies arrived.

"I don't know how Villegas was involved, but he was
there," Dahmen said.

Dahmen said cockfighting is an issue in North Monterey
County. He said it is illegal and brings in problems
of gambling and violence.

"It is a problem because of the cruelty issue," Dahmen

Villegas' brother, Jesse, said he didn't know much
about his brother's death.

"I was shocked that he was taken to the hospital,"
said Jesse Villegas.

Ramon Villegas had lived in Watsonville for 33 years
and worked as a truck driver.

He is survived by a wife and four children.



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