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Tue Mar 9 23:22:53 EST 2004

The word has been spreading across Europe, Canada and the U.S. about the
truly horrifying damage that accompanies the hog industry, and today,
doors are starting to slam shut on mega-hog barns all around the world.
Rural communities that found themselves with their property values halved,
their asthma rates tripled, and their watercourses destroyed formed local
organizations to defend themselves against incursions by more big hog
barns. Then they warned others, spreading the word near and far about the
dangers of industrial hog farms and about the alternatives – - sustainably
raised pork and farms that raise truly happy hogs.
Today, a coalition of these groups, called Beyond Factory Farming,
headquartered in Saskatchewan, works closely with national groups like the
Sierra Club of Canada and the Council of Canadians, and with U.S.-based
groups such as the Grace Factory Farm Project and the WaterKeepers'
Alliance. Together, they share scientific and legal information, trade
ideas on effective strategies and raise funds. The province's new attitude
towards hogs grew directly out of this local, national and international
grassroots networking.

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