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>NETWORK  --  People For the American Way   Alert Date: Mar. 8, 2004   -- 
>Circulate Until: Mar. 12, 2004
>   Want to "Save the Whales?"   The Right Wing Thinks You're a Terrorist. 
>Contact your state representative.
>Urge him or her to vote against any attempt to fund the Animal and 
>Ecological Terrorism Act such as the current Senate Budget Bill (SB 6187), 
>presently before the House Rules Committee.
>You can send an e-mail with one click from the PFAW website:
>In a move worthy of Orwell's Big Brother, the Washington state legislature 
>is being asked to fund a law enforcement database of "eco-terrorists" that 
>would, in fact, track citizens engaged in lawful environmental advocacy, 
>such as signing a petition to save old-growth forests, attending a rally 
>for clean air, or simply joining a group like the Sierra Club or Defenders 
>of Wildlife.
>There is still time to stop this draconian and unconstitutional measure, 
>but we need to act today! Contact your state representative and urge him or 
>her to vote against any attempt to fund the Animal and Ecological Terrorism 
>Act such as the current Senate Budget Bill (SB 6187), presently before the 
>House Rules Committee.
>The AETA invokes the language of terrorism to restrict our hard- won 
>constitutional rights of free assembly and free speech.  It defines "animal 
>rights or ecological terrorist organization" as "two or more persons 
>organized for the purpose of supporting any politically motivated activity 
>intended to obstruct or deter any persons from participating in an activity 
>involving animals or... natural resources."
>This dangerously broad definition of "terrorist" would catch anybody who's 
>ever sent in $10 to save the pandas. It's a thinly disguised effort to 
>quash environmental activism and intimidate citizens who want to speak out. 
>  The sponsors of this legislation have certainly learned from Attorney 
>General Ashcroft's repeated use of terrorism fears to justify the sacrifice 
>of Americans' rights and liberties.
>We need your help to show that even in times of elevated security concerns, 
>Americans aren't willing to give up their most cherished freedoms. Contact 
>your state representative TODAY and urge him or her to vote against any 
>attempt to fund the Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act such as the current 
>Senate Budget Bill SB 6187). 
>This important action reflects the hard work of Public Trust, a 
>collaborative effort among state and national public interest groups 
>dedicated to shining the public spotlight on American Legislative Exchange 
>Council (ALEC).  ALEC is an organization funded primarily by corporate soft 
>money and the Right Wing to push a pro-corporate, far-right agenda in state 
>legislatures across the country.  PFAW is a co-chair organization of Public 
>Trust.  Learn more at the Public Trust website:
>People For the American Way depends on the support of individuals like you. 
>  Join us today and know that you are helping to keep alive the true 
>American spirit: tolerance, free speech, protection for minorities, equal 
>opportunity, and freedom for all religious faiths without government 
>To become a member of People For the American Way, please call 
>1-800-326-7329 or go to:
>Donations to People For the American Way are not tax-deductible as 
>charitable contributions or as business expenses under IRC Sec. 162(e).
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