AR-News: (US NH) Man says his cat was shot with BB gun

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Mon Mar 8 11:45:53 EST 2004

PORTSMOUTH - Manor Drive resident Gene Morrill is mad. 
His cat Blackie, a 2½-year-old domestic shorthair, was a victim of animal 
cruelty, he said. Morrill claims Blackie was shot in the back with a BB pellet 
Thursday morning. 
Morrill said he noticed his cat acting strangely when he let Blackie inside 
on Thursday morning. 
"He would meow every time I touched him," he said. 
At first, Morrill thought his cat may have injured its muscle while playing 
outside, but later that day he realized the situation was worse. 
"I found something in his fur that I thought was strange," he said, "but I 
couldn’t go through it enough to find something." 
That’s when he decided to take the cat to the veterinarian, he said. 
Dr. Morton Schimidt, a veterinarian at Lafayette Animal Hospital, found a 
hole in the cat’s back muscle, according to Morrill, 
Schimidt confirmed that an X-ray showed a BB pellet lodged in one of Blackie’
s vertebrae. 

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