AR-News: (US-ca)Zoo euthanizes Calle after final controversy - Activists blamed for causing another elephant to push her down

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Mon Mar 8 07:44:39 EST 2004

[from San Francisco Chronicle]

Calle the ailing elephant died at the San Francisco Zoo on Sunday morning,
hours after another elephant attacked her -- an attack that zoo officials
are blaming on animal rights demonstrators who they say agitated the beasts.
In a statement released Sunday afternoon, zoo officials blamed animal
rights protesters for agitating the elephants before the attack.

On Saturday, according to the zoo, "individuals from the animal rights
community were present in front of the Asian elephant yard, where Calle
and Tinkerbelle are located." In addition, zoo spokeswoman Nancy Chan said
one activist -- Deniz Bolbol -- had trespassed into the zoo hospital with
a television cameraman Friday and had harassed the staff, prompting the
zoo to file a police report. 

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