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Sat Mar 6 15:07:48 EST 2004

Retailers Ordered to Stop Sales
US Environmental Protection Agency, March 4, 2004

EPA is acting to disrupt an effort to distribute counterfeit pet pesticides. 
The Agency has ordered pesticide distributors and retailers in a number of 
states to stop selling counterfeit pet pesticide products which falsely 
contain EPA Registration numbers and labeling for the "Advantage" and 
"Frontline" brands of pesticides. "Advantage" and "Frontline" are trade 
names of widely available pesticides for control of fleas and ticks on cats 
and dogs.

The counterfeit pesticides appear to have been unlawfully imported and 
packaged in retail cartons which are designed to look similar to 
legitimately registered pesticides sold in the U.S. EPA's investigation 
indicates that the counterfeit products have been sold to distributors and 
retailers throughout the country. The counterfeit products have outer retail 
cartons that are made to resemble EPA registered pesticides. Inside the 
cartons are applicators labeled and packaged for overseas markets. In some 
cases, the pesticide applicators may not have the proper child-resistant 
packaging or the accompanying instructional leaflet required by the Agency 
is missing. In addition, the consumer cannot be assured that the pesticide 
dosage is correct for the animal pictured on the retail carton.

The counterfeit products may be different from legitimate Advantage and 
Frontline products in several ways. EPA has posted detailed information, 
including photos of legitimate products, at: .

Counterfeit products should be disposed of according to accepted procedures 
for other household chemicals. Many communities and municipalities have 
local resources to dispose of household chemicals, and consumers are 
encouraged to contact their local solid waste authority for more information 
on disposal programs for chemicals. Pet owners who are concerned their pet 
may be affected by counterfeit products should contact their veterinarian.

EPA regulates all pesticides used in the U.S. Before a pesticide can be 
marketed in this country the Agency performs a rigorous scientific review to 
ensure that use of the product is not likely to cause harmful effects on 
people, pets or the environment. Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide 
and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), EPA requires pesticide products to contain 
instructions for proper use, safety precautions to follow and directions for 
proper disposal of unused product and their containers. Legitimate Advantage 
and Frontline products that have been through EPA's comprehensive review 
process are registered for use in the United States, and are not affected by 
this action. Because the counterfeit pesticides do not conform with 
established safeguards, the Agency has issued "Stop Sale" orders on the 
counterfeit products in question.

Extensive additional information is available at: .

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