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A/w local OKC weekend hunting news:

An Okla. hunter shot a 500-lb Russian boar this past Feb on the whitetail
deer ranch near Hinton, Okla.  This ranch specializes in whitetails, hogs
and other exotic hunts.
  The hunter stated "It was one of the largest ones killed there." He shot
it with a 50-caliber black-powder rifle at 25 yards.
  He added that "They aged it at about six years old.  They say it has
never been seen roaming around.  I guess it was just my lucky day."

Oklahoma's largemouth bass virus has caused two documented fish kills
in Okla.'s Lake Tenkiller in 2000 and last year on Wes Watkins.  Other
fish kills on other lakes have been due to the virus but that could not be
confirmed.  However, there is a presence of the virus in bass populations in
some of the state's bigger lakes.
  State fishery biologists state that anglers can help minimize the spread of
the virus by doing the following:
  1,  Drain all water from livewells, holding tanks or bilge areas at the 
immediately after loading your boat.  This keeps the water containing the
virus from being spread to other bodies of water.
  2.  Never move fish or fish parts from one body of water to another.  The
fish maybe carriers of the virus.
  3.  Handle bass as gently as possible if you intend to release the fish.
Reducing stress keeps the bass healthy as long as possible.
  4.  Tournaments should be held in cold weather months.  The prevalence
of the virus and the manifestation of the disease are direclty related to
elevated water temperatures.
  5.  Tournament directors should strongly consider lower bag limits
and staging tournaments at a variety of locations on a given lake to prevent
stockpiling of released fish in high-use areas.  New evidence has indicated
that crowding might facilitate transmission of the virus between fish.
  6.  Weigh-in methods that allow for quick and efficient release of fish
without long hold periods are preferred.
  7.  Anglers should be observant on the water.  Immediately report dead
fish or dying fish to a state game warden.

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