AR-News: (US CA) Stray pets soon will get VIP treatment

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Anderson's small facility at park is moving to a larger animal hospital 
Renee Canavan, 
city animal officer 
Kimberly Bolander
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March 06, 2004 — 2:07 a.m.
ANDERSON — In serene Anderson River Park, the peace of outdoor weddings and 
family picnics is often interrupted by pitiful howls, yelps and barking. 
For 22 years, stray dogs and cats have been caged outdoors in a makeshift 
city kennel at the park's entrance. 
The aged trailer beside it doubles as a cramped office, pungent with the 
scent of dog food. It has no hot water, no set hours of operation, and attracts 
plenty of vandals, Anderson Police Chief Neil Purcell said. 
"We've had mold problems, we've had water problems and we've had mud 
problems," he said. "We've had some people steal dogs from there, or let dogs loose." 
But that's about to change. 

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