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Sat Mar 6 09:30:13 EST 2004

By Teri Greene
Montgomery Advertiser 

It's mid-morning at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, and already Dr. William 
Van Hooser and staff have put in what some would call a full day. 
"We've done several dental cleanings, and we've taken off a tumor here," he 
says, gesturing toward a dog in a post-op area. "We've got a dog that's got a 
big rectal mass, and we've biopsied it to see what kind of cancer it is, and if 
we can surgically remove it." 
More and more, technological marvels and advances in human medicine have also 
become mainstays in veterinary care. Ultrasonography, endoscopic biopsies -- 
diagnostic tools made quick and painless -- and radiology, for both diagnosis 
and treatment, have become something pet owners not only expect for their 
animals, but demand. 
And as animal medicine has begun keeping pace with its human counterpart, 
there's been a kind of revolution in the way Americans view their pets. 
It's called the "human-animal bond."

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