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Woman donates pup to replace cancer patient's poisoned pooch


Healing a 16-year-old cancer patient's broken heart isn't easy, but some warm 
fur and a few wags sure go a long way. That's what Matt Carson found out, 
after a kind-hearted woman heard about the teen's loss -- Carson's dog died in an 
apparent poisoning last November -- and stepped in to help, with a 
four-legged gift in tow. 
The woman, who asked not to be named, presented Carson with a two-month old 
pug puppy, which the delighted teen named Whoopi. 
"It just makes everything feel much better right now," Carson said yesterday. 
"It's overwhelming that she went out of her way to try to make up for me 
losing my dog, it's great." 
Things were much different last November, nearly a year after Matt was 
diagnosed with a tumour growing on his spine. 
As he battled back from the cancer he was dealt the blow of losing the 
beloved dog who helped him find the will to live. 
The family doesn't know if Buddy, an eight-year-old Lab-cocker spaniel cross, 
was purposely killed or accidentally poisoned by ingesting antifreeze near 
its Somerset home. 
They just know losing the dog, so instrumental in Matt's recovery, couldn't 
have come at a worse time. 
His story touched many hearts, and some sent cards, while others called to 
offer support. 
But a mother, who in 1987 lost her one-year-old baby girl to cancer, offered 
Matt the next best thing to getting Buddy back -- a new dog to love. 

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