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Fri Mar 5 10:34:46 EST 2004

I am shocked at the insensitive, careless and wasteful use of citizen tax 
dollars by the Montana Department of Livestock's (DOL) campaign to capture and 
slaughter Yellowstone buffalo. This week alone, Yellowstone Park employees, 
under pressure from the Montana DOL, captured fifty-three buffalo and shipped them 
to slaughter due to the fear of transmission of the livestock disease 
brucellosis. Twenty-four yearlings and calves were vaccinated with an ineffective 
brucellosis vaccine developed for cattle and eartagged as if they were livestock. 
Those twenty-four, along with another twelve, will be held in confinement 
until spring. All of this is occurring within the borders of the world's first 
national park, even though there has never been a documented transmission of 
brucellosis from wild bison to livestock.

This is not just a local issue, this is a national concern. As a non-resident 
of Montana, I will take my tourism dollars elsewhere, and urge everyone else 
to do the same until the impetuous slaughter of America's buffalo in the State 
of Montana ceases.

Virginia Greninger

247 Loma Entrada

Santa Fe, N.M. 87501

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