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T.J. Butterfield has seen many changes during his decades as a veterinarian. 
Soon the Windham Animal Hospital, where he is the director, will see a change 
of its own as expansion plans become a reality.
“ Truth be told, we needed to do this for a while,” Butterfield said.

Observer/Bruce Preston
Dr. Laura Pearson of Londonderry, a veterinarian at Windham Animal Hospital, 
demonstrates the new 12-watt Luxar CO2 laser system. The laser can be used in 
place of a traditional surgical blade, and reduces bleeding, swelling and pain 
during surgery. The hospital will use its new laser system in its new, larger 
surgery room when its expansion is complete in April.
The needs of the animal hospital, originally built in 1977, outgrew the 
facility, he said. The hospital will nearly double in size when its expansion is 
completed in early- to mid-April.
The need to expand is based on changes in veterinarian care, he said. Changes 
in the demographic in southern New Hampshire have called for an adjustment in 
the way people take care of their pets.
The big trend in the field is to increase outpatient services for 
chronic-but-not-terminal cases, Butterfield said. Advancement in technology now makes 
shorter stays at the clinic possible. A dog or cat with advanced kidney problems 
can get fluid therapy, which often helps, and they’re soon on their way back 

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