AR-News: (UK) Drugs maker wins injunction

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Thu Mar 4 00:40:28 EST 2004
toryFT&cid=107 By Nikki Tait
Published: March 4 2004 4:00 | Last Updated: March 4 2004 4:00

Phytopharm, the plant-based drugs manufacturer, has won an injunction 
res-tricting protests by animal rights campaigners and setting up exclusion zones 
around employees' homes. The injunction, granted in the High Court, is the latest 
to be won by companies targeted by protesters because of their alleged links 
with Huntingdon Life Sciences, the drug-testing group. According to Tim 
Lawson-Cruttenden, the lawyer for Phytopharm, the request for protection was 
triggered by protesters' activities over the past fortnight. The restrictions apply 
to the Stop Hunting-don Animal Cruelty cam-paign, and named people. Nikki Tait
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