AR-News: (US WI) Polluted water forces family to leave home

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Wed Mar 3 10:39:49 EST 2004

By Peter Rebhahn
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KEWAUNEE — Five members of a rural Luxemburg family were driven from their 
home Tuesday by polluted well water they said was caused by manure runoff from a 
factory farm. 
“I don’t like to step on toes because, if you’re nice to people, they’ll 
help you,” said Scott Treml. “Not in this case.” 
Treml is through being nice to regulators he claims have done little to help 
and said he intends to file a lawsuit to stop manure runoff and groundwater 
pollution he believes is coming from Stahl Farms. 
“It’s not a matter of passing new laws, it’s a matter of enforcing laws,” 
Treml told the Kewaunee County Land & Water Conservation Committee on Tuesday. 
Treml, his wife, Judy, and their three daughters, ages 8, 6 and 6 months, 
were looking for a place to stay early Tuesday evening after presenting the 
committee with a sample of water Tuesday morning taken from a kitchen tap Monday 
that looked more like ditch water than drinking water. 
“If my kids drank that they’d be in the hospital in 48 hours,” Judy Treml 
said. “It’s very scary living with that.”

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