AR-News: (US NH) Residents create fund to help catch killer of New England seals

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Fri Feb 27 13:13:31 EST 2004

RYE - The reports of mutilated seals being found in the Seacoast area 
beginning last summer have prompted two Rye residents to start a reward fund. 
Outraged by the acts, Kim LaFrance and her husband, Craig Mitchell, want to 
help the efforts of marine law enforcement agencies to find and prosecute the 
perpetrators of these crimes. 
The National Marine Fisheries Service and the law-enforcement bureau of the 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and, along with other 
government agencies, are investigating the deaths of eight seals that were found 
skinned, some with their male genitalia removed. Investigators said the genitalia 
are likely being sold on the black market to Asian countries, where the items 
are considered a valuable aphrodisiac. "We are so disgusted by this," said 
LaFrance. "We know the motivation is money, so maybe the reward fund will allow 
someone who can solve this case to come forward. It is our hope to create a 
substantial reward fund so that (those) responsible for these deplorable and 
heinous crimes will be caught." 
Having been given the green light by federal agents, the "Seacoast Seal 
Reward" offers two immediate ways that people can donate to the fund. A third, a 
Web site, is under construction and will be available soon. 

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