AR-News: (UK) Chimp Retirement Plan Is So Much Monkey Business for Minister

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Fri Feb 27 13:08:55 EST 2004

A plan to retire 39 research experiment chimpanzees to the Spanish coast has 
been vetoed by the Netherlands’ health minister – causing fury among animal 
rights groups. 

Minister Hans Hoogervoorst found out the project would cost the government 
around £9,000 per chimp per year – more than some humans get in social security 

Hoogervoorst, who took office after the deal was first agreed, said the 
funding for the chimps’ golden years did not fit his cost-cutting programme and he 
described the plan as “rather insane”.

“They can just be put into Dutch zoos, right? Maybe it’s not Marbella, but it
’s not a bad life,” he said after learning of the arrangement.
Dutch officials said in Amsterdam today they planned to hold talks on 
reducing costs next week, but rights groups said they were not yielding on giving the 
chimps a place in the sun.

Under a settlement reached in 2002, the chimps are to go to their own 
facility on a 100 acre plot near Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, later this year.

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