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          February 25, 2004 
                 Horses Destined For Slaughter
                  Kelowna's "horse doctor" is at it again and this time he's taking aim at a pharmaceutical giant. Dr. Ray Kellosalmi has rescued another 11 mares destined for the slaughterhouse. The horses were being used to produce PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine), which in turn is used to make a controversial line of hormone replacement drugs to help women deal with menopause. But the market for Premarin has fallen out following reports that it has potential side effects including cancer. The major manufacturer of Premarin is Wyeth Pharmaceuticals based in Philadelphia, which has cancelled one third of the contracts it has with the ranches that supply them with the urine. That means as many as 20,000 horses may face the slaughterhouse. But according to Wyeth none of the horses will be slaughtered and has set aside $3.7 million to make 
                   Horse hero. Dr. Ray Kellosalmi of Kelowna has rescued another 11 horses destined for the slaughter house. (Photo: Kelly Hayes)  


                  All of the 11 horses Dr. Kellosalmi rescued showed some signs of neglect most noticeably overgrown hooves. (Photo: Kelly Hayes) 

                  sure they find good homes. But Kellosalmi says that's a drop in the bucket and claims he has proof the horses contracted out by Wyeth are being slaughtered for their meat. "What's happening is these horses are ending up going to feed houses and then to slaughter by the thousands." Kellosalmi says the 11 horses he's rescued are the tip of the iceberg. "It's a complete holocaust for horses - that's what it is." He says the least Wyeth can do is come up with more money for the horses. "Wyeth has been making billions of dollars from these horses for over 60 years. Over the years, Dr. Kellosalmi has rescued roughly 250 horses. These most recent ones will be trained and found new homes. Potential adopters can contact TRACS at: (250)768-4803 or tracs at 


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