AR-News: (NZ) Six-week jail sentence for shooting native pigeons welcomed

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Wed Feb 25 05:06:21 EST 2004

A conservation group has welcomed the six-week jail sentence given to a man 
for shooting six protected native wood pigeons (kereru). 
Forest and Bird conservation manager Kevin Hackwell said that the sentencing 
today in Kaikohe District Court of Robert Cassidy, 46, of Utakura, to six 
weeks' jail sent a clear message to poachers of protected species. 
"This will send an important signal to the poachers that this kind of thing 
is unacceptable." 
Previously in court Cassidy had admitted possessing the pigeons but claimed 
he had found them, along with a shotgun and cartridges, while pig hunting. He 
was convicted of two counts, under the Wildlife Act, of hunting and killing the 

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