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These dogs really deserve their day 
10:37 PM 2/22/04

Brenda Ingersoll Wisconsin State Journal 

Three Labrador retrievers who brought help to a Taylor County woman 
critically injured in a rollover accident will be inducted into the Wisconsin Pet Hall 
of Fame on Saturday . 

<Tammy Ogle's dogs escaped the wreckage when her sport utility vehicle 
flipped several times, throwing her through the passenger window. The crash happened 
Nov. 8, on Highway M near Perkinstown in the Chequamegon National Forest. 
Ogle lay unconscious with 10 broken ribs, three facial fractures and severe head 

<Double, age 3, stayed by her side as Golly, also 3, and Lily, 1, ran a half 
mile down the road to the nearest house. A man came to the door after hearing 
Golly and Lily scratching and barking. Golly then tugged on his sleeve to get 
him to follow out to the road, said Rob Poehnelt, spokesman for the Wisconsin 
Veterinary Medical Association, which sponsors the Pet Hall of Fame.

<The man saw Ogle's overturned vehicle in the distance and called 911

. <"I know dogs do miraculous things. I've always loved them, but wow," said 
Ogle, a dog groomer and breeder in Medford, about 25 miles northwest of 
Wausau. "I think they validated my faith and devotion to them. If they hadn't been 
with me, things wouldn't have gone so well. I was out in the middle of nowhere, 
and someone might not have come along for a while." <Ogle is still 
recovering. < 
"My memory isn't so good and I have a balance problem," she said. 

<Double, Golly and Lily will be inducted into the WVMA's hall of fame hero 
category in the 10th annual inductions Saturday at noon at the Kalahari Resort 
in Wisconsin Dells.

<Bud White, a 7-year-old Bichon Frise, won in the professional category. 
Owned by Mineral Point massage therapist Pam Rosecky, Bud "has an intuitive sense 
of where people are painful or stiff," Poehnelt said. "With a client's 
request, Bud will walk on or lick those areas and then nestle down at the client's 
feet." Several letters of support from Rosecky's clients were received with 
Bud's nomination, Poehnelt said.

<The winner in the companion category is Koby, a 98-pound Rottweiler mix, who 
was abandoned at the Crivitz Veterinary Clinic, about 35 miles north of Green 
Bay. He was adopted by Chris Wieting, an employee of the NewCare Convalescent 
Center, also in Crivitz, who began taking the dog to work. Today, Koby 
regularly wanders the halls to visit with residents, wagging his tail or resting his 
large head in a lap. <

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