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LORD AND LADY: Langland and Lake have history of participation.

Anchorage Daily News

(Published: February 21, 2004) 

Marc Langland took a break from his duties as the president of Northrim Bank 
recently to try on the outfit he'll wear as Lord Trapper. You can see Lord and 
Lady Trapper in today's parade, which starts at 11:30 a.m. along Fifth and 
Sixth avenues downtown. (Photo by Fran Durner / Anchorage Daily News)

Doris Lake stands in a very non-Rondy environment in Hawaii, where she 
vacationed in December. An Alaskan can go only so long without snow, so this key 
player in Alaska's mushing community will be back to serve as Lady Trapper at 
this year's Fur Rendezvous. (Photo courtesy Doris Lake)

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He's the guy who's got the cushiest job in the Fur Rondy parade and the least 
of costume quandaries for the Miners and Trappers Ball: Lord Trapper, Marc 
"I get to wear the big fur coat," he said with a laugh. "It makes it a little 
easier, particularly if it's going to be cold in the parade." 
Langland, a longtime Alaskan who's a founder and the top executive of 
Northrim Bank, once dressed as an animal in a Miners and Trappers entry of yore 
called "Cal Worthington and His Dog Spot." 
This year, he's on Easy Street with the wolf hat, staff and ready-made fur 
parka provided by David Green Furrier. Same with Lady Trapper, Doris Lake. 
Langland doesn't know his "lady" yet, except from her history and 
connections, though he did meet her husband, the late Orville Lake. The Lakes are 
well-known in the mushing community. They have been key players in sled dog racing in 
Alaska for decades and were charter members of the Alaska Sled Dog Racing 
Doris and Orville Lake mushed in the Rondy races, which have been on and off 
for the past few years because of the weather but are scheduled to take place 
this year.

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