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Feb 20 2004

By Maria Maltesta, Chester Chronicle
There is a thriving trade in Cheshire selling horses, ponies and donkeys to 
end up as meat on European dinner tables. In this special report, MARIA 
MALATESTA looks at a new European law which would bring even greater trauma to these 
animals' final days of life.
TAKE a good, long look at this adorable pony. On Wednesday, it was up for 
sale at Beeston Market. This time next week, it could end up as the main course 
on a dinner table in France or Italy.
The dead carcasses of slaughtered horses have been leaving Britain to be 
eaten in Europe for many years but now horrified horse lovers are fighting EU 
plans to allow the export of live animals.
They fear the horses and ponies are likely to suffer extreme distress and 
misery before finally going under the butcher's knife.

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