AR-News: (UK) Kerry hailed as ally of wider world on environment

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Wed Feb 18 18:44:45 EST 2004

By Alister Doyle 
OSLO, Feb 18 (Reuters) - Environmentalists fete John Kerry as a possible 
saviour in a stalled battle against global warming if the Democratic front-runner 
topples U.S. President George W. Bush in the November election. 
"Kerry has probably been the greatest champion of climate change issues with 
(Joe) Lieberman in the U.S. Senate," said Jennifer Morgan, director of the WWF 
environmental group's climate change programme. 
European governments, among the strongest backers of the U.N.'s stalled 1997 
Kyoto protocol meant to limit global warming, would welcome a shift towards 
Kerry's environmental policies after years of trans-Atlantic feuds with Bush.
"Clearly we would like the new administration, whether Republican or 
Democrat, to come closer to European policies on the environment in particular," said 
Diego de Ojeda, a spokesman for the European Union's executive Commission in 
"It's better late than never," he said.

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