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February 16, 2004
Albany -- There are several new faces at the Parks at Chehaw, and next month 
they will be making their public debut. The new lemur exhibit, called the 
"Eyes in the Sky", is set to open in March.
One of Chehaw's new lemurs is Garcia, a 17-year-old friendly black and 
white-rough apple lover. 
Then there is Sweet Water, a red-rough, and Tiffany, another black and white. 
The Chehaw exhibit will be open air for these tree climbers, which will be a 
first of it's kind. 
Assistant Curator Jan Thompson said "The public can be up on our well known 
swinging bridge, the suspension bridge, you'll be up their with them. Eye to 
eye with lemurs in the trees. Or they may be even higher than you. This has 
never been done at any other zoos."
Lemurs are primitive primates, and one of the most endangered species in the 
world. They come naturally only from Madagascar. 
But you will be able to get up close with 14 lemurs at the new Chehaw 
exhibit, starting next month. 
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