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Our own experience, observing the frustrations of nearby Western Kentucky in 
dealing with large poultry farms, would suggest that Indiana should not be in 
a hurry to attract factory farms to the Hoosier state. They may be more 
trouble than they are worth. 
Corporate farms have brought new income to Western Kentucky, but the 
unwritten price has been a diminished quality of life for some. They are the residents 
who have found their air so fouled by the rank smell of ammonia emissions 
that they can hardly stand to go outside. 
Western Kentucky rolled out the welcome mat in the mid-1990s, but now some 
communities are attempting to roll it up. 
John Lucas of the Courier & Press Western Kentucky bureau reported Friday 
that Tyson Foods has given up the battle to raise chickens near a Marion, Ky., 
subdivision, Greenwood Heights. The issue there was the odor coming from a 
16-house broiler complex just outside the city limits. The company had been found 
guilty of violating a city nuisance ordinance. 

full story:,1626,ECP_768_2653481,00.h

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