AR-News: (US ME) Paws and Effect: Why does our dog have such nasty gas?

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Mon Feb 16 10:31:08 EST 2004

Submitted by J.M. Kelley 
(Feb 16): 
By Sinéad O'Kitty and Siouxsie Mew 
Dear Sinéad and Siouxsie:
Allow us to introduce ourselves. Our names are Lilly and Layla and we are 
sisters, just like you. We are about 18 months old and are two highly adored, 
beautiful calico (Layla) and tabby (Lilly) house cats. We live in east central 
Wisconsin with our humans--a mother and father along with three young adult 
children--and two canine siblings. That is why we are writing you--the canines. 
Here is our question: Our canine brother is a Beagle named Buddy and he often, 
we hate to say this in polite company, "breaks wind," an awful, smelly habit. 
What we want to know is, do cats pass gas and, if so, is it as nasty as what 
our dear brother Buddy does? 

full story: 

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