AR-News: (US UT) As numbers decline, biologists strive to protect mule deer habitat

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"There are a zillion habitat guidelines that have been written," he said. 
"But they're pretty darn site specific." 
    Effective habitat management, experts said, needs to recognize the social 
and political forces in the West, including population growth and natural 
resource development. 
    "There has to be a balance struck somewhere," said Terry Cloutier, 
president of the Reno-based Mule Deer Foundation. "Everyone has their own little 
interest and a lot of time wildlife tends to bite the dust." 
    Experts said there's no one cause for the deer's decline. They suffer 
from the same problems that plague other wildlife species -- human encroachment 
and development, habitat changes, predators, diseases and climatic changes such 
as drought and severe winters. 

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