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Wolves in East Asia said to have led to all breeds; Genome-mapping could help 
solve human ills 
By Paul Recer, Associated Press 
SEATTLE -- From Yorkshire terriers the size of a teacup to Irish wolfhounds 
nearly the size of a small pony, all dogs originated from a single species, 
probably an East Asian wolf seeking the warmth of the human hearth and an easy 
"We think there was a series of domestication events in East Asia," said 
Norine Noonan, a dog researcher at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. 
"It happened a lot longer ago than anybody once thought -- at least 100,000 
years ago." 
Probably, there was a set of "dog Eves," a central proto-dog that adopted 
humans as protector, provider and best friend. In return, the early wolf-like 
animals helped humans hunt, Noonan said Friday. 
She and other scientists gave a report on the status of dog research at the 
national meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 
Based on genetic research, said Deborah Lynch of the Canine Studies Institute 
in Aurora, Ohio, "there were only about a half-dozen domestication events in 
East Asia." 

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