AR-News: (US OH) Record deer harvest likely in '04

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Sun Feb 15 10:57:35 EST 2004

The table is set for a record Ohio deer hunting year in 2004, at least if 
seasons proposed by state deer managers are approved as-is by the Ohio Wildlife 

And if, in turn, hunters take advantage of the proposed liberal bag-limits.

The proposals were presented to the Wildlife Council last week. They would 
eliminate the restrictive Zone R in five northwest counties, where most of the 
gun-deer season was for bucks only. They also would redraw boundaries for three 
deer zones.

Deer Zone A, which would cover 28 northwest and western counties, would have 
a limit of one deer of either sex.

Deer Zone B, which would include 34 mainly central and southwest counties, 
would have a two-deer limit, including no more than one antlered deer, or buck. 
Notably, Williams and Defiance counties in the extreme northwest corner of 
Ohio, and five northeast counties that border Pennsylvania are included in this 
proposed two-deer zone.

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