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Thu Feb 12 15:35:13 EST 2004

Attention those who have attended/donated to the Pace U.Animals and the Law conferences at White Plains NY in past years. For the past couple years now, it seems that Pace Law School has been sitting on the remaining money in the Jolene Marion Memorial Fund, the funding source for all the annual animals and the law conferences she presented. They have been asked to transfer the money to the National Center for Animal Law. They are requiring that any and all that donated to the Memorial Fund write them and give them permission to transfer the percentage of their donation.


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> Hi Scott,
> Thanks..... Please email the following:
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> Anyone who donated to Pace Law School's Jolene Marion Memorial Fund for the 
> Advancement of Animal Law, which was the funding source for Adjunct 
> Professor Porto's annual Animals and the Law conferences, should contact 
> Dean Cohen at dcohen at and Attorney Lee Paddock at 
> lpaddock at and indicate that they are giving their permission for 
> the remaining funds to be transferred immediately to The National Center for 
> Animal Law. If remembered, please indicate the amount of the donation(s). 
> Suzan Porto no longer teaches animal law at Pace Law School and no 
> conference has taken place since Suzan's last conference in 2001. If anyone 
> has questions, please contact Suzan at SuzanPorto at Thank you 
> very much for your anticipated cooperation.
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