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Man arrested after police say he ordered dog to charge woman 
By Sarah Langbein, Rocky Mountain News
February 10, 2004 
Two days before Douglas County sheriff's deputies gunned down two pit bulls 
that attacked a woman in Highlands Ranch, Westminster police shot another. 
Westminster officers killed a pit bull that had been ordered by its owner to 
attack a 26-year-old woman during a fight Friday, police said. 
It was one of at least four attacks on people and pets by the controversial 
breed in recent months. 
Three pit bulls killed a 40-year-old Elbert County woman Nov. 30. Jennifer 
Brooke was attacked by dogs that came onto her property while she fed her 
horses. The dogs also tried to attack two men at a neighboring home, and were 
eventually shot to death. 

full story:,1299,DRMN_15_2642757,00.

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